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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  October 4, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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they will face a simple scenario, starting the playoffs in arlington tx. the orioles have to win tomorrow night and if they do, they will advance to face the yankees. that starts sunday. they fell silent, the regular- season finale with evan longoria rolling out with founder. only gave up four hits in five innings. brian roberts, home run. he wound up hitting his third home run. here is good news for the orioles. they don't see him in the playoffs, but the challenge doesn't change much sense texas led the majors in runs scored this season, finishing fourth in home runs. after the tumble against saddam
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but, it comes down to this. ballpark in arlington, first pitch scheduled for tomorrow night at 8:37. the winner faces the yankees, the losers go home. they have faced texas seven times as texas won five of those games. you can use all the numbers you want. in a one-game series, it is a matter of who gets caught on that night. more from the ballpark in arlington coming up at 6:00. they obviously have a lot on the line, but so do a lot of businesses in baltimore. fair to say not the only manager for the orioles. >> we are all rooting for the orioles and hoping that they win in texas. camden yard here will be back
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here with the orioles fans both sunday and monday night. a lot of businesses and sitting in limbo at this point, especially hotels and folks that supply the beer. baltimore in limbo hoping to see if the orioles can beat texas in texas and come back to camden yards to beat the yankees. a lot of businesses find themselves in the classic hurry up and wait. they're planting generic sure it's right now but it would on friday means putting things into high gear and creating divisional series shirts. >> we are hoping that they are going to win. >> it will be great for the city, the restaurants, bars. >> over at the harbor place hotel, a friday when will mean a
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huge boom in business has traditionally yankees fans come to baltimore in droves. >> the new york fans are very supportive. they're famous for coming to baltimore for the games. we're looking forward to that demand, if that happens, comes saturday. >> and there is the beer. more than 160 employees are waiting with bated breath. not only do they supply beer to area bars and restaurants, but they have a very important client vital to this sunday and monday game. >> it is our big night with 50,000 people down there. >> a ton of beer ready to go to the orioles win, but unfortunately, all they can do is wait. >> we are getting tons of calls. i want the bier, i don't want a
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beer. it will going day by day, hour by hour. >> other businesses and fans will anxiously way, too. as you can imagine, the city is also hoping that the orioles win friday night because they have more tourists coming into town at the issue more parking tickets, speeding tickets, and red light camera tickets. it just thought i would throw that out there. >> orioles fans all over byrd land are trying to keep the imagine going. want to weigh this guy to, he is -- you don't want with this little guy out, he is waiting.
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>> health officials are urging doctors to avoid using products from the new england compounds center in framingham, mass. lead to an outbreak of a rare fund will form of meningitis. sheldon is outside the health department with the news. >> health officials think that came from the same manufacturer in new england. an official said that test found contamination at the new england compounds center and massachusetts with investigators trying to determine if it is the same fund is in the outbreak. -- fungus in the outbreak. another is being treated for meningitis. all the patients received steroid shots for back pain and they're asking people to remain vigilant. >> have people be aware of the possible symptoms, where they receive their injection, and if
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they are at risk. if they have any concerns, who talked to their doctor. >> some of the systems -- the symptoms include nausea and fatigue. contact your private health care provider. we are using the affected product and have since pulled a. -- it. >> sheldon, thank you. 21 suspected gang members and drug dealers off the streets following a mass of wiretap investigation. -- massive wiretap investigation. the combined street value of $680,000 on top of the $118,000 in cash that they picked up. they are arrested midlevel dealers and baltimore city as well as hartford county. the wheat will have more on be allowed beretta investigation in
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a live report at 6:00. a warning where attackers used craig's list to lure victims. in both cases, unsuspecting buyers have been trucked in to meeting people. at the believed they were purchasing vehicles and were instructed to bring cash where they were attacked by three african american men with guns. used some caution, meet the seller during the day. never bring cash. >> fire investigators are trying to figure out what caused the building to go up in flames this morning. jennifer has the details. >> of the fire happened here at the corner of fleet in the broadway at an area liquor store and took no time at all to go to 3 alarm.
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flames shooting from the roof of a bar and a liquor store. it happened around 5:30 on thursday morning. >> flames were coming out of the building. there were a bunch of firetrucks that came out. the building started getting worse. >> i have seen that and it was crazy. >> when firefighters arrived, it was on the first and second floors. beer, wine, liquor. at the other floors were not occupied. the fire turned dangerous on the third floor. >> of the firefighters got to the third floor and rolled back over on them that they had to get out. >> all members out into an exterior.
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>> it would take two hours to get it under control. right now, because of this fire is still under investigation. the firefighter injured is expected to be ok. >> to police officers are on administrative leave after a pursuit of an armed man ended with gunfire along the 1500 block. they got a call about a man with god and when they arrived, he reached into his waistband and pulled out of god. the first officer opened fire at the gunman took off running in nearby officers stepped in. >> the activity was broadcast over a police radio. other officers heard the gunshot.
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>> detectives are waiting to interview him as part of their investigation. >> doppler show some showers earlier today moving up the coast, pulling away from maryland and the award millington. at the showers continue to work their way out of the region as we see high pressure building in. watch out, there is a big swirl of the unsettled weather. that is no falling in northwestern minnesota. the blizzard conditions at times earlier this afternoon. the son of a strong cold front that will make its way to the region over the weekend. big changes for the weekend with more on that coming out in just a few minutes. >> a man arrested for holding his roommate for ransom. >> be bizarre induction and where police tracked him down. >> police are searching for
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clues after another violent night left him in bed. >> in the race for the white house, democrats are saying president obama lost last night cozied debate. what does it mean in the battleground state?
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>> breaking news from the sky team over a sinkhole that has opened up downtown. let's go to capt. taylor. >> you are familiar with the sinkhole on monument street got one bloc that they have been trying to repair it. while they are trying to repair one portion, another has opened up. they have cruise assessing the situation. as to how deep this is, the good news is that the sidewalk remains open for businesses that are able to stay open. the problem being it will take them longer to fix monument street with another single goal of opening up. >> of baltimore city police investigating three shootings, to of them deadly that happened within 15 minutes of each other.
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detectives say they may be related. the first occurred along the 200 block of fulton avenue. in 19-year-old man was visiting a friend when he was shot and killed. he stepped outside of his friend's house and returned with a gunshot wound to the chest. investigators say they have no word of a motive and the possibilities are on the table right now. police have very few details to release on the other shooting but somebody shot and then multiple times before taking off. the victim was taken to shock trauma where he later died. along the 4700 block of liberty heights avenue, the 18-year-old victim had been shot in the torso and legs but survived and being treated at an area hospital. investigators are actively exploring any possible connections.
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a bizarre induction investigation, a man kidnapped his own roommate and held him for ransom over a work related debt. and just and gorman is behind bars, charged with kidnapping, assault, and use of a firearm. he works at a scrap metal salvage company in the two got into an argument over $2,000. the fight escalated until he got the victim into a truck and demanded he get a family member to bring the cash to an exxon station. that is when police were called to the case at around 9:30, they caught up with his truck haul they found the victim unharmed in the back seat. the case remains under investigation. >> in tonight's medical alert, the fda cracking down on illegal internet pharmacies, taking action against more than 4000 websites that illegally sell unapproved and possibly dangerous or ineffective drugs
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to consumers as part of a global effort to remove these web sites by agreeing civil and criminal charges. letters were sent to website operators as well as internet service providers had a domain name registrars. they were in violation of u.s. law. press cancer survivors that need reconstructive surgery or women seeking cosmetic breast enhancement may opt for and more natural procedure. it is a procedure that uses of breast fact stem cells to enhance breasts and provide a more natural look that implants and is said to last a lifetime. the surgery can move the lines of current and plants or improve congenital conditions like an even breasts. >> enzyme is thrown in there to release the fat cells and amateur vessels and stem cells.
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and that it is separated from the fat cells and concentrated. >> this has been used in the past few years in cosmetic surgery, it is still considered experimental and not yet fda approved. a new study found but talks injections to the bladder or as effective as medication for treating urinary urgency and incontinence with a few unpleasant side effects. it worked twice as well in medication completely resolving the symptoms. the only drawback is they have more urinary tract infections that women that took medications. >> chief meteorologist -- >> showers that was your last night and this morning continuing to move up the coast and away from us with the skies clearing nicely. that will set the stage for a good looking friday. the changes over the weekend.
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the main shower activity north of metro new york of towards western massachusetts and into new england. a little bit of rain shower activity all but gone, leaving behind some warm temperatures. 81 downtown baltimore. 75 in westminster. almost 80 around salisbury and chris field. temperatures above normal and the western maryland mountains as well. it will be able the cool a little more because of the clearing skies. 60 down town, sunset at 644. as this moves away from us, low pressure up in canada taking all the unsettled weather way. we look at a new storm that shows very nicely on the radar. rainshowers approach in chicago, pretty hefty snow to the minnesota and north dakota. potential for 6-12 inches by the
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time this winds down. they have had blizzard conditions with gusts and when joseph and the teams with snow accumulating in early october. the center of low pressure near international falls, pumping cool air into the storm and the leading edge of the front rolling through bringing the much cooler weather for the second half of the weekend. a couple more inches may fall to the canadian border. even upper michigan may start to get in on some snow saturday afternoon. that front is marching toward us, but tomorrow will be assigned a day, another day with temperatures in the eighties before the western front crosses the mountains and pushes toward baltimore arriving saturday afternoon. the showers will start breaking out as the front moves down towards the coast. that lets the cool air come in,
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but a wave of low pressure may develop as the front is departing. when not be surprised if the high temperature curves at midnight early in the morning and during the day will be clouds and showers. temperatures might be falling during the day sunday instead of rising. mostly sunny skies, the waves less than 1 foot. how the changes are coming. there may be a shower to were the evening, but most of the they will be studied with the high on sunday probably staying in the 40's. 83 friday, showers on saturday with the eastern shore in the afternoon hours. it will turn much cooler for the end of the weekend. one more warm day, the transition for a saturday afternoon and by sunday and monday, highs in the mid to
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upper 50's. >> maryland's school officials review safety standards a little over a month after a teenager opened fire inside of a baltimore county school cafeteria. the dodge a closer look at the wooohooo....hahaahahaha! oh...there you go. wooohooo....hahaahahaha! i'm gonna stand up to her! no you're not. i know.
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>> a follow-up to an investigation, billions of tax dollars wasted on insurance providers that cheap. >> with medicare, there is a new push to crack down on fraud and investigate suspicious claims. james miller told us this week about dr. larry bernhardt's that had been making his money by ripping off medicare and billing the government insurance plan for care he did not provide. they showed how easy it is to cheat the system out of millions of dollars. a federal strike force charged 91 people including doctors and
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nurses with allow bread fraud schemes adding up to $429 million in false billing. the washington bureau reporter joins us at a normal day -- at an alarming rate that is causing taxpayers big time. >> medicare fraud is one of the largest of its kind in medical history. officials from state, local, and federal troops have been -- the health and human services secretary said officials are working on making it harder for crux to submit fraudulent claims. they're looking at a tougher procedures for buyers and suppliers that want to participate. >> fraud not only rob's taxpayers, but also jeopardize the future of the programs that more than 100 million americans depend on every day.
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the new penalties reflect the seriousness of the crime, dictating sentences of between 20 and 50 years for the largest offenses. gosh the department of health and human services have began a systematic review of the buyers and suppliers that has led to nearly 20,000 of them being deactivated. it uncovered schemes in seven cities including brooklyn, dallas, houston, plus angeles, and miami. >> from big bird of big business, the presidential debates as the republican whetting some pretty strong reviews. >> but the fight is not over. last night's debate could impact the november election. >> just how has the baltimore county school shooting impacted the principal, krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the... number of students that we have.
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resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children.
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>> right now at 5:30, the first presidential debate has the campaign riding high. they got what they needed. a strong performance in what looks like a distracted analyst with president obama.
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>> when it comes to the final push to the november election, the battle was just beginning. steve is in colorado with a debate recap. >> democrats i spoke to today in this battleground state say that they are disappointed, but they are still hopeful. governor romney, they figure, still has a ways to go, but his effort looks back on track. republican joy in denver, he declared his campaign is rejuvenated. >> we are going to take back the white house. let's get back to medicare. the president said the government can provide the service at lower cost and without profit. >> barack obama kept his eyes and his energy low. >> it is very rare that impression is thickly, there is such a clear triumph of one side
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over the other. >> the president admitted he got surprised. >> when i got to this stage, i met this very spirited fellow who claims to be met ronnie. >> the charge he changed his stance on taxes and spending. >> if you want to be president, you owe the american people the truth. >> some people felt he owed a better debate. >> i think he didn't have the practice. >> are you worried he might lose? >> not rally. -- not really. >> he will review and if he wants to make changes in the next debate, he will do so. >> they claim all that changed was his audience. >> people saw him for the first time, not in the thirty second attack ad or innocence but on the news, but got to hear him
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directly. >> he is hoping the debate strengthens his poll numbers and battleground states. tomorrow, a new factor, a jobs report had expected the help president obama hi showing fewer layoffs. >> you can see the best opportunities and the five things learned from the debate and our commitment 2012 application. it just click on politics. >> breaking news right now, an update on this story we brought you 15 minutes ago on the scene of the third cinco that has opened up and down town. this one along monument street. the sinkhole was getting bigger? >> it has gotten better since we were last year 15 minutes ago. there are engineers on the
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scene, the sidewalks have still not been shut down. it will be extremely interesting how much more of monument street they will have to dig up. reporting live, captain roy taylor. >> here is a look at some of the other top stories. the national meningitis outbreak has hit maryland. seven medical facilities have performed procedures with the tainted sterilants expected to be behind the infection. authorities called hundreds of patients, most of them used the injections for back pain. surgery centers ranging from hartford county in bellaire to baltimore city. one person in maryland has died from the infection, another fallen ill. an overnight fire shut down part of the coin has they arrived at fleet and broadway, flames shooting out of the first and
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second floors. the ceiling rolled back over on fire crews as a research and for the source of the fire and they were ordered out of the building. no word yet on because of that fire. the baltimore orioles in texas tonight ahead of their wild-card game against the rangers. they could not stop the tampa bay raised and evan was really hot last night. the second wild-card team, baltimore will face the rangers in arlington tomorrow night. the winner of that game will host the yankees this sunday. >> school safety is a timely topic in baltimore county as the district looks to a high-profile shooting as a lesson learned. top administrators are taking a closer look at safety procedures. jim joins us in the studio with the story.
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>> for 20 years, baltimore county has been holding a system wide conference. but this year, safety and security seem to take on a different meaning. in his own words, george roberts hold his story. about what happened on the morning of august 27 to our room full of administrators and teachers. the story of how students fired two shots in the school cafeteria. >> i would be lying if i said i don't get some of motions every time i tell it. it was emotional during that day. and not just because of what was happening, but the effect on the children, teachers, and the community. >> it was nerve wracking. how has he was telling us what was going on, i can feel the
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hair of my arm going up and i can feel myself in that situation. >> what happened where students showed up a class with a loaded handgun, it put principles on notice. >> this is every day, every month. we talk about emergency situations and safety. >> they did their best to protect children. they say they went beyond the call of duty and school policy. >> we normally say do not try to disarm a person because it is very dangerous. a gun goes off accidentally, it is not protocol at all to try to disarm. obviously, human nature says to protect young children that certain people do what they have to do.
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dodge the also dealt with other topics like bullying and gang awareness. >> what was meant to be a spot for fun times turned into the complete opposite in idaho. >> will tell you how far firefighters are from containing these flames. >> a task force dismantles a huge drug dealing operation.
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david smallwood: maryland money needs to stay in maryland. it's just that simple, i mean, it's a no brainer. anncr: every year marylanders spend five hundred and fifty... million at casinos in west virginia, delaware... and pennsylvania. one west virginia paper calls it a "cash cow" for them. but its cost maryland over one billion dollars. money that could have created good jobs and... better schools for us. question seven keeps maryland money in maryland. david smallwood: question seven, i think it will be a... good thing for the state of maryland.
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>> a fire in southeast idaho still burning the day after it started. firefighters said they expected to continue to burn till tomorrow if -- nobody was hurt, but smoke filled the air. a fire left him with about $100,000 in damage. he believes it was a case of arson, but firefighters have not confirmed that. >> police gave chase to an
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unusual suspect, a 4-year-old emu that tucked his search for a soul mate to the streets and caused serious traffic trouble. they tried to chase him down on a motorcycle. it is mating season for the flightless bird and although it took some time and effort to get him off the road, he is back safe and sound and his owners back yard, about two blocks away and he is still in search of the one. >> parents of young children could be in for a messy situation. >> an international diaper shortage. >> an explosion in japan can make you pay a lot more to keep your baby dry. >> baltimore's harbor is no better than it was last year. analysts blame excessive: -- a pollution on one problem. >> snow in the upper midwest, we will see how
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>> coming out at 6:00, and baltimore as in baseball limbo, we will fill you in on why. authorities used an in depth wiretap investigation to bust into dozen gang members. plus, an outbreak of meningitis. plus, an outbreak of meningitis.
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>> baltimore's harbor remains polluted, and swimmable, and on fishable. the findings aren't all bad. advocates tell us that oxygen levels and water clarity have improved since last year, cut there is a lot of work left to be done. >> our program tells us about pollution levels, where the problem may be coming from. why has there is delayed -- sewage and our dreams system? >> officials are laying much of the blame on heavy rains that washed pollution into the inner harbor. it is part of a citywide effort to make it swimmable and fishable by 2020. officials are looking to pull tourists using the star spangled bicentennial. a grant for $1.5 million will be divided between two dozen non-
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profits and government entities to support programming, education, a visitor experience, and job creation throughout the state. funding comes from private contributions and surcharges from the sale of star spangled banner commemorative coins. >> your forecast. >> after a couple days of cloudiness, we will see if the weather pattern changes a little bit. most of the cloud cover pushing to the north and east of baltimore. it may turn out a little bit cooler than the past few nights. still milder than normal. just over half an inch. the backyard may have gotten a little bit warmer. the most impressive number is the morning low. 50 is the average. at the morning started off 20
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degrees above average for early october. they ended up significantly milder. early in october, back in 1974. it is warm out there and out and will stay mild overnight. temperatures will be able to drop a few more degrees tonight. 52 in the suburbs, 60 down town. high pressure will briefly kicked this rain shower activity out of here for tomorrow. it looks like a sunny day tomorrow, but this storm is producing a blizzard like conditions in northern minnesota and up and canada. driving the cold front across the lakes and pushing it toward baltimore. but towards the canadian border, the front is now slicing into chicago. the fund reaches baltimore saturday afternoon and the chilly air comes roaring in
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saturday night and sunday. the snow is possible in the mountains, a few flakes maybe someday into monday. the main show was in the low pressure area. they will get a little bit more before it winds down. and then the front crosses the mountains, pushes toward baltimore and i think as we get between 2:00 at 3:00 in the afternoon, a pretty good chance of showers cutting across baltimore. as the afternoon wears on, the storms moved away and the skies were clear briefly before a wave of low pressure comes out of the south with cloudy at chile wet weather. sunday will be dramatically cooler. the clouds and showers will be moving in. hopefully you can soak up the sun tomorrow, a last and warmer than normal day. the waves running less than 1 foot. just as soon as nadine puzzles
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out how, after three weeks of wandering the eastern atlantic, now we have a new storm. it the fifteenth named storm of the season pops up out over the eastern atlantic. it pretty weak storm, and not expected to last more than a day are to. it will not be of major impact, but interesting we have had 15 named storms. a number of them reaching hurricane strength earlier in the season. the hurricane season doesn't end until the end of november. a shower in the afternoon on saturday, much cooler sunday and monday. a bright sunny day on tuesday, still cool with the high of 64. >> credit card users are being more responsible about paying bills that they have seen in a decade. earlier this year, delinquencies
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on credit cards dropped to their lowest level since 2001. less than 3% within 30 days or more overdue. 2.93%, down from the average of 3.91%. consumers are saving more and borrowing less working to pay down their debt. fixed mortgage rates fell to record lows. freddie mac says the rate on a 30-year alone dropped 3.36%. the average on 15 dropped to 2.96, 2.96%. they are having an impact on housing recovery. the potential but the shortage could get pretty messy for parents. an explosion at a japanese plant take millions of of the market and drive up the price. he can also lead to health issues.
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it becomes a critical health issue, diaper rash and staff. >> liber makers say that while they are assessing the situation, they don't expect to have a huge impact on supplies. if you're not happy with the results of next month's presidential election, jet blew is offering you the chance to leave the country for free. the airline is offering 1006 people of free round-trip ticket to one of more than a dozen countries including jamaica and the bahamas. but first, you have to pick a candidate before election day and you have to be on the losing side to be entered into the sweepstakes to win. be sure to click on consumer. a major milestone for social media giant, and now 1 million
5:52 pm
users strong. the represents 1/7 of the world goes in population. they set out on the set of the today show to figure out what it means for the company now that the pressure of having to perform for stockholders as part of the equation. >> i take the responsibility extremely seriously and our responsibility is just to do the best that we can. if we build the best products, i think we can continue leading in the space for a long time. >> a steady increase in the number of users when there 1 million users cut of 500 million by mid 2010 ended hundred and 45 million at the end of last year. >> hall nearly two dozen city firefighters spent the morning disassembling of the ronald
5:53 pm
mcdonald house down town. after moving out the old beds, they began assembling 100 new ones, meaning that they will have a nicer place to sleep tonight. firefighters have been working for more than a decade give back to the community. and they have worked with the ronald mcdonald charities before. back on the road, the orioles have one day of precious rest before taking on how the texas rangers. in arlington traveling with the team.
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>> the beginning of the end for 30 rock is a reality. it is beginning the seventh and final season. mark has a preview for what is in store. >> how was the hiatus? >> solis system, unicorn. >> it was one final summer break. >> the user will with lemon and balancing act. >> the high jinks are coming to
5:57 pm
an end. the show began six years at 14 amis ago. gosh the comedy version of a fire sale tonight. >> i have known you for a long time. >> we trying to cram than any joke left that we can think of. >> also wrapping up story lines. >> trying to have these characters and their time together in a place where people that have stuck with us for the whole seven years will be happy for them. >> high-profile guest stars including brian cranston will bring the series to a close. >> every time we do a scene, it feels like, that might be the last time we do that. >> you know on that last
5:58 pm
episode, people will be crying, yelling stuff. >> graduation day approaches. >> that is all for us at 5:00, here is what is coming up for 6:00. >> the orioles are in arlington, texas. getting ready. >> area businesses linked in some way to the orioles are waiting in limbo. i will explain, in a live report. >> a taskforce and dismantles a prolific and drug gang. we will show you some of their stash at 6:00. >> live, local, latebreaking. 11 news at 6:00 p.m.
5:59 pm
>> thousands of orioles postseason magic. in texas for a rest day ahead of the wild-card game against the rangers. >> pushing them to the second wild-card spot, we find out how fans are planning to deal with this wait until tomorrow night's game. >> many folks, there were hoping for a win in texas friday night. if that happens, it will be packed with orioles and a couple of yankee fans. but for area businesses, they are kind of in limbo here. it includes hotels and focus applied to beer. baltimore in limbo, waiting to see if the orioles can beat texas in texas and come back to camden yards to beat the yankees. there are a lot of businesses finding themselves in the classic hurry up and wait situation. situation.


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